Need To

     I really don’t feel like blogging but I should at least post something, I suppose. Had a great day with Ian and Nancy today. My mom is officially divorced now. YAY!!! We’re going to have a divorce party soon. Um, what else? Six days(going on five) until I visit my Papa. It more than likely will be incredibly awkward and I was trying to talk it over with Josh but, as always, he’s too busy worrying about himself. Another person asked me if I was forty-five. I laughed hysterically and told them my age(seventeen). I’m sick of people’s double-standards. Adios to those bastards. ;p


     Today, today, today, today. Hm. Hurricane Irene is taking up all of the news lately. I hope my cousin Nina is going to be alright in NYC, my aunt in Maryland, and my Papa is fine in SC for the most part. Really excited in going to visit him. Nine days left as of tomorrow. My mom isn’t giving me enough time to blog right now so over and out until next time. ;p

And Another

     So far it’s been raining every day for weeks on end. It’s a pain in the ass really. It’s like we’re all stuck in a Sims 2 game and it has to rain at the exact same time every single day. My Papa needs rain. Storm clouds, go to South Carolina. Hurricane Irene, disperse. Rain, rain, go away, don’t come back another day. EVER. Of course, then we’ll have a drought, people will find these blog post by some miracle, and then I shall be blamed for this. And when I am, I shall LAUGH.

Ze Storm

     Hurricane Irene’s first little present hit us earlier today. If it rains really hard for over an hour, we’re going to have a serious flood problem and that really sucks(an understatement). So, hopefully it won’t get really bad. Aunt Shiela felt the earthquake and it scared the hell out of her but she’s fine. Hm…School started yesterday for everyone(YES, I DON’T HAVE TO GO!!!) and so now their excuses are back to “I’m busy with schoolwork, I don’t have time, the teachers hate me.” Those excuses worked last year, not this year. Seriously. For most of the people that I know, it’s their senior year this year. You’d think they’d grow up at some point in time, lol. I guess not. Well, I’m over and out. ;p


     I’ve found another RPing buddy and am doing the whole Lord of the Rings thing. It’s pretty fun so far. I’ve been reading a lot lately even though I should be writing instead but oh well. Exactly two weeks left, I can’t wait! School starts again tomorrow but thankfully I don’t have to go because I already graduated so MWAH HA HA!!! Today has flown by really fast and already I can hardly believe it’s after 10:30pm. Don don don! I went to an elderly luau the night before and had a blast! There was lots of dancing as well, lol, and I’m going to teach some people traditional ballroom dancing. Claudia says I should do that as a part-time job. I’ve thought about it and now I’m thinking about it again. ;p Oh, as to why floccinaucinhilipification is the name of this post, I just thought it would really throw people off today. It’s just another word for 99.9% of the readers here to look up. ;p


     My newfound passion: RPGs. Yep. Lately I’ve been doing mostly Harry Potter ones but I’ve also done a Percy Jackson one. I’m thinking about starting Narnian and Lord of the Rings ones too. They’re a ton of fun, very time-consuming, and are a great way to meet other writers my age. All positive! I just wish there were more hours in a day… ;p


     Had another really bad day today but the good news is that I got accepted to go to Hogwarts. I ended up in Slytherin too, which is really super duper fun. Plus, last year my House won the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup. XD Really cool! People are really helpful too. I’ve already got my dorm straightened out, I’ve already read most of my text books, etc. The only real issue is that I’ll be unavailable the 5-12th of September. That’s 4 days after my first year at Hogwarts starts! I can’t believe it but hopefully I won’t miss a Hogsmeade weekend in the process. I sound nuts, don’t I? Well, it’s fun and that’s what counts. I’ve had a really crappy day today and my mom refuses to talk to me so I hope the rest of you have a really good week.

Early Inspiration

     My dog woke me up at around 4:20am this morning, lol. I took her out then couldn’t get back to sleep so I dragged myself out of bed, got a hot shower, and sat down to start writing. The result was over thirty pages(almost two chapters). I still can’t believe how much I’ve written today just because I’ve been sleep-deprived, lol! It’s completely awesome. I’m now 3/4ths of the way done writing The Dragonscale so I will definitely have that plus Book Two(Race Against Time) finished by March. XD