The Sixth Sense

     Let’s see. Stayed up too late talking to a friend but thoroughly enjoyed it, waited for the bug guy to come, managed to write a teeny tiny bit, went to the library, and played host when Nancy came over for a while. I helped her with Facebook, lol, and then we all watched Transformers. She actually got into it, which was unexpected. Definitely going to sleep early tonight because I have to get up even earlier tomorrow because Brighthouse is coming over. My mom and I were watching the Sixth Sense earlier today(more like trying to) but something kept changing the channels. So, I replaced the batteries in the remote and it kept doing it. So, Brighthouse reset the DVR box but nothing worked. It was rather comical, especially seeing as it was while we were watching the Sixth Sense, lol. That made my day. Sassy isn’t doing well and the vet thinks it’s almost time. We’ll see. They said the same thing five years ago. Maybe it’s true now but I think she’s got at least another year in her.


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