Had another really bad day today but the good news is that I got accepted to go to Hogwarts. I ended up in Slytherin too, which is really super duper fun. Plus, last year my House won the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup. XD Really cool! People are really helpful too. I’ve already got my dorm straightened out, I’ve already read most of my text books, etc. The only real issue is that I’ll be unavailable the 5-12th of September. That’s 4 days after my first year at Hogwarts starts! I can’t believe it but hopefully I won’t miss a Hogsmeade weekend in the process. I sound nuts, don’t I? Well, it’s fun and that’s what counts. I’ve had a really crappy day today and my mom refuses to talk to me so I hope the rest of you have a really good week.


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