I’ve found another RPing buddy and am doing the whole Lord of the Rings thing. It’s pretty fun so far. I’ve been reading a lot lately even though I should be writing instead but oh well. Exactly two weeks left, I can’t wait! School starts again tomorrow but thankfully I don’t have to go because I already graduated so MWAH HA HA!!! Today has flown by really fast and already I can hardly believe it’s after 10:30pm. Don don don! I went to an elderly luau the night before and had a blast! There was lots of dancing as well, lol, and I’m going to teach some people traditional ballroom dancing. Claudia says I should do that as a part-time job. I’ve thought about it and now I’m thinking about it again. ;p Oh, as to why floccinaucinhilipification is the name of this post, I just thought it would really throw people off today. It’s just another word for 99.9% of the readers here to look up. ;p

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