‘Magic University’ by Chantal Boudreau

     Magic University by author Chantal Boudreau is thrilling and is guaranteed to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. You won’t be able to put her book down once you start reading it until you find out exactly what happens. The time Chantal takes to go into such depth about each character is so realistic that you swear she is just a scribe and that the events in the book actually took place. It amazes me how prolific Chantal is and how everything she writes is of a high-caliber right off the bat. She’s definitely an inspiration and there’s much more still to come. Also, Magic University is just the first of its series so keep a look out for the second book because any book written by Chantal Boudreau cannot disappoint. There are some teaser tales of hers on this site that you should definitely check out: http://www.writersownwords.com/chantal_boudreau/. Here’s where you can purchase Magic University and other books/short stories Chantal has written: http://www.amazon.com/Chantal-Boudreau/e/B004O1FP2E. She is also currently working on another teaser and other short stories at the present moment. Enjoy the sites listed!

Not Soon Enough

     I am nothing like the characters that I write about. I wish to be something like the characters whose lives I weave but it will be another several years, if ever, before I change. I do not learn from my mistakes and I have made even more that have affected at least one other human being. Everything is in the past and many demand “why always meditate on the past?” From the past, we learn from our mistakes; at least, we are supposed to. In this case, I have repeatedly made the same mistake and even having come to light of this, will still probably continue making that mistake as time goes on from now. I don’t strive to be perfect but I do strive to be stronger than I feel at this precise moment. Some people view me as a boulder that will always stubbornly be around but even a boulder is eventually eroded. I am young, yes, and I will not allow my past to haunt me much further in the future. But I will never forget it either. The paths I could have taken will bother me now but in the future, I will be glad of the choices I made now. That day cannot come soon enough.

South Carolina

     So, I’ve been in South Carolina for nearly two full days now and am having the time of my life with my Papa and Mary-Jane! I’d forgotten just how beautiful the country is and I can’t wait to move back here(will do so at the first opportunity). It’s going to be really hard going back home after a week here…Here in South Carolina it really feels like home but in Florida, it never really has. Well, I’ve got my accent back! Hopefully I’ll keep it for a very long while because I absolutely love it. Again, can’t believe how much I’ve been missing around here for over nine years. Well, over and out, probably until I fly back.


     Hopefully this September will be much better than the last but I have a bad feeling about this one. I’m going to visit my Papa this month and now it’s only four days away! I’m really excited and nervous about that. I have finally planned out every single last detail for the ending of Book One(The Dragonscale) but I’m not too eager to end the adventure just yet so I’ve been having a typical ‘writers block’ type deal. I’m going to write another chapter(at the least) today though so that will put me back on track for the most part. At least I’m able to write again instead of not writing for six-nine months. I’m looking forward to life getting crazy in a positive way. I don’t need any of the other crap to be hanging around in the shadows right now. I know they’re still there and always will be but with a lot of luck, they won’t come and attack me any time soon. ;p