Hopefully this September will be much better than the last but I have a bad feeling about this one. I’m going to visit my Papa this month and now it’s only four days away! I’m really excited and nervous about that. I have finally planned out every single last detail for the ending of Book One(The Dragonscale) but I’m not too eager to end the adventure just yet so I’ve been having a typical ‘writers block’ type deal. I’m going to write another chapter(at the least) today though so that will put me back on track for the most part. At least I’m able to write again instead of not writing for six-nine months. I’m looking forward to life getting crazy in a positive way. I don’t need any of the other crap to be hanging around in the shadows right now. I know they’re still there and always will be but with a lot of luck, they won’t come and attack me any time soon. ;p

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