Not Soon Enough

     I am nothing like the characters that I write about. I wish to be something like the characters whose lives I weave but it will be another several years, if ever, before I change. I do not learn from my mistakes and I have made even more that have affected at least one other human being. Everything is in the past and many demand “why always meditate on the past?” From the past, we learn from our mistakes; at least, we are supposed to. In this case, I have repeatedly made the same mistake and even having come to light of this, will still probably continue making that mistake as time goes on from now. I don’t strive to be perfect but I do strive to be stronger than I feel at this precise moment. Some people view me as a boulder that will always stubbornly be around but even a boulder is eventually eroded. I am young, yes, and I will not allow my past to haunt me much further in the future. But I will never forget it either. The paths I could have taken will bother me now but in the future, I will be glad of the choices I made now. That day cannot come soon enough.

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