Tomorrow is Halloween

     As everyone is scrambling to make sure their costumes are perfect or racing to pick one out last-minute, make sure to stay safe while walking the streets. Don’t wear all black, carry flashlights, glow sticks, pepper spray, and walk with a group. You know, the usual things your parents tell you to do. Most importantly, have fun. ;p

Happy October

     It’s already October, people. I don’t know about you but it’s come much faster this year. Supposedly the weather is to start cooling down now(haha) and trips to the beach are supposed to be insane until at least April. Not here in Florida though. Beaching is available year-round and it’s always hot. I’m actually starting to enjoy it more, after over nine years of living here, lol. Well, yesterday I received, courtesy of him, Ren Garcia’s fourth book The Machine and I will hopefully get around the reading the last page by the end of this week. Tomorrow I’m helping a friend of my mom’s move because they’re moving the furniture then and need “some young people” as her friend put it, lol. I went to the beach this morning by myself and ended up meeting a nice woman and her family. An old guy hit on me and I laughed hysterically about it, making sure to imply that I’m only seventeen. He backed off after that and then more people started flocking since it wasn’t as cool out so I left. Got back home with all of the intention of writing but had no chance to, nor was I feeling up to it. I’m also a sickling now. Somehow I managed to catch the flu AGAIN so I get to celebrate through that this year. I was going to go to an astronomy session tonight in Lakewood but decided I was feeling too achy to go so I’m going to a different one when it comes up. Next month I go back to South Carolina for three full weeks. I can’t wait! I hope everyone’s having a good weekend so far. ;p