Obsessive About Roleplaying

     It has been quite obvious since August that I have been obsessed with my newfound talent: roleplaying (www.hexrpg.com/). Due to all of the writing practice and all of the great writers that I am meeting, I can understand why people don’t ever want to stop. Before, I thought “roleplaying, yeah. Sounds fun” but now, I’m on every day and post at least 50 times each day. Yesterday was an example of my obsessiveness as I posted 143 times. Yeah, I had a lot of fun with the different roleplays and after taking two full days off of HEX, I was craving it. Lol, yes I’m insane. I still think it’s comical though that several of my friends still think that this is just a phase I’m going through. Good luck with that. It’s already been a little over four months since this all started. ;p

Thinking Too Much Again

     I’ve been thinking too much about the past again. Jeez. It really irks me that I keep doing this too. I need to focus on the paths that I have yet to choose from and tread instead of worrying about what paths I’ve already taken and have traversed up until this point. I guess I’m making sure I don’t make the same mistakes again? I’m not too sure at the moment because all I’m thinking about is how much it’s annoying me that I’m stuck in this little rut again. Eh, whatever. I’m going to get back to writing Chapter 24. Only three more chapters to write after this as Chapter 24 is basically what wraps up the whole ending. In this mood, the killing should be easier, lol. ;p

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

     Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It’s finally Turkey Day, lol. That means most of us got up early to start cooking to feed those pestering vultures that make up our family. This year, I get a country-style Thanksgiving due to my being in South Carolina for it. Wahoo!! Yeah, having a lot of fun up here and the weather has been pleasantly cool (aka, freezing to most people). All I’ve got time is for a short post but I hope everyone has a great day today! ;p

Back Home

     As of Wednesday (the 16th), I’ve been in South Carolina. I’m staying up here for three weeks this time. Yes! The temperature is in the 20s-50sF so it’s really nice. The fall colors are beautiful, almost forgot what it looks like after living in Florida for so long, lol. Well, I haven’t got much to put here but I’ll post again when I can! Over and out.


     As you can see, I’ve been slacking considerably lately. Well, I have had a lot of things going on. Mostly things that don’t matter to others but Book One(aka “Rothgar” or The Dragonscale) will be completed by January, so all is good there. Now it’s getting past the slight Writer’s Block that crops up every time I attempt to work on it. I’ve been doing a lot of RPGs lately. I’m up to fifty-seven at this moment. I’m getting more into other genres at the moment instead of just the usual Medieval Ages. Once I’m done with this trilogy, I’m considering writing a sci-fi for my next project. I will probably never get it published, lol, but it’s just something to test my limits with. Plus, I’m not really a science kind of gal so it will require me to actually research. It’s iffy whether I’ll actually put myself up to the challenge once I’m done working on the current project because I might feel like doing something else but it’s just a thought. I’ll be going to South Carolina in less than five days and will be staying for three weeks so this will be the perfect time to finish Book One. Wish me luck with it. My friends are expecting a lot. ;p