As you can see, I’ve been slacking considerably lately. Well, I have had a lot of things going on. Mostly things that don’t matter to others but Book One(aka “Rothgar” or The Dragonscale) will be completed by January, so all is good there. Now it’s getting past the slight Writer’s Block that crops up every time I attempt to work on it. I’ve been doing a lot of RPGs lately. I’m up to fifty-seven at this moment. I’m getting more into other genres at the moment instead of just the usual Medieval Ages. Once I’m done with this trilogy, I’m considering writing a sci-fi for my next project. I will probably never get it published, lol, but it’s just something to test my limits with. Plus, I’m not really a science kind of gal so it will require me to actually research. It’s iffy whether I’ll actually put myself up to the challenge once I’m done working on the current project because I might feel like doing something else but it’s just a thought. I’ll be going to South Carolina in less than five days and will be staying for three weeks so this will be the perfect time to finish Book One. Wish me luck with it. My friends are expecting a lot. ;p

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