New Year’s Eve

     Well, it’s already New Year’s Eve and tomorrow is the first day of 2012. I’m not as excited as most people are going to be and at this point, I want to tell some people to go to hell but I hope 2012 treats the rest of you better than it will me. Forgive me if I’m not exactly thrilled. Most of you have at least one decent friend to celebrate with. I’m more than likely going to a party but will probably end up leaving after a half hour. I’ll fill you in on what happens later tonight tomorrow. Have fun, however you all are celebrating.

The Third Deadline Finished

     The third deadline is completed (typing up Chapters 1-12) and The Dragonscale has 123,762 words as of this moment. By the time I’m done editing it, my book won’t have that many words but I am not going to purposely compress it. So, what happens next is the goal towards the final draft. I have until January 16th and since I finished the third deadline four days early, that’s four extra days I have towards the next deadline. Here goes nothing.

Merry Christmas

     Well, it’s just after midnight here and it’s officially Christmas. So, Merry Christmas. Hopefully at least one day of this coming year will be better than today will be. I’m watching a couple of movies right now and might actually get some sleep at some point in time. I already know a couple of the gifts my father is giving me so it should be “interesting” what other things he’s going to pull out of the bag. Ha ha. Yeah, over and out.

Christmas Eve

     It’s Christmas Eve of 2011 already. Crazy huh? I guess it isn’t for most of you. 56% of people are extremely pissy and rude around this time of year. Well, they’re always like that, lol, but we really notice the most around holidays. So, not much is happening lately. Tomorrow won’t be fun for me but I’ll deal with it. Merry Christmas. Over and out.

First Draft of Book One Finished

     Yesterday I finished the first draft of The Dragonscale ten days before my deadline and three months before I turn eighteen, lol. I still feel pretty weird about having finished the largest novel I’ve written so far. I’ve been editing like crazy already and have started working on what I already have written for Book Two, Race Against Time. I’m having a lot of fun with it so far and am getting a lot of support from my friends and my mom. My paternal family could care less, until(if) my fame grows. Then they’ll all want to say that I belong to their family and I’ll say, “no thanks. Go the hell away.” ;p So, onward bound.

Nothing Planned

     I’ve got nothing planned for today except to annoy the neighbors with country music/pop, possibly read a few books, attempt to write again, possibly draw another picture, and spend time with my dog. All in all, sounds like a pretty good day. Kelly was supposed to come over yesterday but thankfully he didn’t. That would have really ruined my day. So! I’m off to do whatever. Also, I’m going to try to start blogging early in the mornings like I was previously because otherwise, I find I don’t blog at all. Have to keep y’all updated better. ;p


     Usually when I blog, I actually have something in mind for the post. For this post, not so much, lol. Sure, I could talk about my day yesterday but instead, I’m keeping those details in my journal. As for writing, I officially have writer’s block again and it doesn’t help that my father won’t leave me alone. So I’m trying to keep distracted from his little acts but by doing that, I’m blocking myself from inspiration. Gotta love it. Even my music isn’t helping much and I have a lot of other things on my mind now, but that’s life. Just have to get used to it. It is finally nice to be able to hang out with someone and it doesn’t feel like they’re invading my space, as well as having a lot in common with.