So, I know a lot about Kelly’s girlfriend and two other daughters now. Charmaine Mallet Musumeche and her daughters Kristy and Ashley plus Kelly equals the perfect little family. Am I completely and utterly pissed right now? Yes I am. Especially since he has lied to me and said he’s only been dating Charmaine for a month when it has been over a year. I fly back to Florida on the 7th and I’m supposed to go karaoking with all four of them on the 9th. This will be fun, not. My mom is pissed off at me after she agreed that we should know more about them. I’m at the point where I’m going to do what I want now. I’m almost 18 and it’s about time I start stepping up for myself and saying exactly what I want and don’t want. I don’t want to meet them but I am going to meet them just once to be polite and to figure out why Kelly prefers Kristy and Ashley over me. That’s obvious as they are thin as rails and look like models whereas I’m overweight and ordinary-looking. Kelly’s mom is already bffs with her new granddaughters on Facebook and I still want to know why the hell my own family has never been able to love me. Oh that’s right. I’m collateral damage because of my mom. Those bastards. I’ve shed more tears than I ever should have and I’m not proud of that fact. They’ll never know how much they’ve hurt me (nor will they ever care) but everything will bite their asses off in a few years. You can be sure of that.


One thought on “Them

  1. i sympathize with u. hoping that everything in your life turns out for the best. i believe in a supernatural force which guides the world. and trust me, it helps in the most depressive of the situations.

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