From Nobody to Somebody

     I’m sure that you’ve noticed how popularity works by now. When you can meet someone who’s a nobody and then that person ends up being like J.K. Rowling, John Cena, Taylor Swift, etc. But don’t you find it odd that once that person is a somebody, they don’t have much time to actually meet people like us? Ones that are inspired by them? No, they go to large cities that they know will promote them financially instead of going to small towns where their biggest fans are. Most can’t afford to go and see them in Tallahassee, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; New York, New York; etc. I understand that most ‘somebodys’ are extremely busy. Well guess what. Your fans are what is keeping you afloat and you should meet as many as you possibly can. Being in the entertaining business is hard but when you have fans that are extremely enthusiastic about your work, it can be both easier and a bit more stressful. Also, when your fans send you letters, actually answer them all, even if you get thousands, instead of discarding most of them.


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