The End of January 2012 Already

     Look around. I don’t mean for just a couple of minutes before returning your attention back to your computer screen. I mean actually get up, go outside(or walk around inside if you’re in a blizzard), and reflect back on how this first month in 2012 went. Was it positive? Did you accomplish what you wanted to this month? What do you need to improve on? Next month you get an extra day and as that only happens once every four years, take full advantage of it. Just think of what you can do with that extra twenty-four hours. Hopefully you won’t come up with something completely idiotic. ;p


     For some reason my first draft of this wasn’t even saved. So, I cut my hair to just under my shoulders and ended up dying it. I can now officially say I’m not a blonde at this time, lol. I’m now a brunette. I didn’t plan to dye my hair today. It’s one of those things that you do last-minute and don’t fully think about it because you’ll have to sleep on it but you’ll never get it done if you procrastinate with it. The blue streaks I had put in about eleven months ago are still there even after I dyed all of my hair. It’s scary. The brunette color is only supposed to last 2-4 weeks so we’ll see how well this works. If it doesn’t, I’ll just dye all of my hair blue. At least I know it’ll last for a long time then.

A Heads Up

     I officially changed the names for Book Two and Three yesterday due to too many similarities in the names to movies and tv shows, lol. Book Two is now “Shadow Blossom” and Book Three is now “Strangers of Enamyre.” I also discovered how the entire trilogy is going to end so there are going to be two books dedicated to partially explaining the last events of “Strangers of Enamyre” through completely different characters in a new region. It sounds complicated now but that’s only because I can’t explain it fully without giving away the end of the trilogy. You’ll see what I mean when I eventually get them all published. Until then, happy writing. Also, tomorrow I am cutting my hip-length long hair short after growing it out again for about three years. Wahoo! Fewer tangles.

Early Ideas, Literally

     Last night I was sleeping pretty well. I was actually having very interesting dreams and then all of a sudden, it was as if someone shouted at me to wake up. I rolled over, looked at the time on my phone, and sighed when it read 3:15AM. Wanting to get it over with, I got up, went to my computer, pulled up Wordpad, and typed up a few pages of what had hit me. Skimming over it, I made sure that my summary covered everything before I saved and closed it all before going back to sleep. I’m just very glad that my characters didn’t end up convincing me to stay up the rest of the night because I have some things to do today, lol. For starters, taking my mom’s car to get it fixed, grocery shopping, and cleaning house. The rest of the time is either reading or writing. For some reason, I think it’s going to be a writing day. ;p

An Editing Day

     Today was an editing day simply because I’m still thinking about where I’m going to direct Book Two after Chapter Three. I have already planned out the book but there are subplots as well. I’ve come up with several different chapter arrangements so I don’t neglect one or more of the characters but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep their third person accounts even. I’m about to throw that to the wind and just write, not deciding on the next chapter until I’m finished writing one. All of this planning is halting me in my tracks rather than giving me a shortcut. I don’t know how the rest of you can do it, lol. It’s easier for me to just write it, go back and work out the kinks, then fully edit it. That’s just me though. We all write differently yet similarly and no matter what, I can’t see a life without writing.

First Feedback

     You’re probably wondering “why on earth is she posting twice in one day? I thought she only did that when she first started this blog!” A month and some days ago I sent the first five chapters of my first novel to a gentleman that runs teen writing camps so that I could get some advice. Today, he replied and it was positive. I need to work a bit on my battle scenes because they seem rushed and a couple of other things but for the most part, it’s great. Glad to know someone else enjoyed it! Some other advice that I received was to branch out in reading and read a LOT. That I already do. Plus, I should continue writing nonstop for another four years and take a creative writing class in college to find my own unique writing style. He said that I have a lot of influence from other writers and that it’s familiar so publishers might now appreciate it. It’s all given me more to think about and I’m really excited! XD

Progressively Worse

     My mom and I have discussed this since the year before last in August(2010). As soon as I turn eighteen, I am cutting all ties to my paternal family, especially to my father, and my mom said whatever. She wants me to have a relationship with him and thinks he really has changed and blah blah blah. So, she was straddling the fence. Well, today she jumped all the way to his side and apparently I have to be my paternal family’s perfect little princess until I’m twenty-one. My mom and I usually have a couple of spats here and there but since we’ve moved, it’s been fine. I’ve also never purposely disobeyed her but I’m pretty sure that is going to change at this point. I understand the whole money thing but I am determined to get two jobs, both full-time if I have to, so she’ll stop talking about money. Child support is $75 a week and alimony $200 a week. Since he’ll stop paying child support if I piss him off (yes, he can do that), I’ll need to come up with the $75 a week. No big deal. Since my mom wants to start putting away the $200 alimony, I’ll need to make at least $275 a week. This isn’t including taxes and all that other bullshit. Basically, I’d like to start making $350-400 a week. There’s one job I’m going to apply to as soon as possible but I still haven’t found any others that pay well. Still figuring things out but I’m determined to tell my father to “drop dead” the day after I turn eighteen. I told him this day was coming. He just doesn’t believe me. But he will.