Fulfilling or Not?

     How often do we take the time in our busy schedules to actually sit down and evaluate who we are by the decisions we make? Are we making decisions off the top of our heads instead of actually taking the time to think it over? Are we rushing through our life wanting more out of everything but never taking the time to actually choose the correct path to our goal? If your day wasn’t fulfilling today, reflect back on it because obviously something went wrong. If you figure out what went wrong and take note of it for the future, you’re less likely to have a unfulfilling day again. There’s no reason for any of us to have a horrible day. Sure, someone else will be pissed off and will try to ruin our day but should we let them affect us? The answer is no. Smother that other person’s attitude with kindness and walk away. Just because other people are miserable does not mean that you have to be. Once you discover this fact, you’ll be much better off.


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