Internet Abomination

     I made a really long meaningful post and finished it just moments before beginning this one but obviously it wasn’t meant to be posted because my internet decided to throw me out. So, I’m going to stick to only blogging only on Sundays for this month. Next month it will be all Wednesdays and in March it will be all Thursdays. I’m not sure why I’ve come up with that routine, so don’t ask, lol, but so far it appears to be working. As for the other sites that I am supposed to keep updated regularly, it isn’t going to happen. HEX, The Writer’s Palace, Dragon Cave, Into the Mind of the Writer, The Medieval Times, Cavern of Dreams, Xanoxixa Territory, and all of the others along with my Facebook, MyYearbook, and MagickaSpace accounts are going to be ignored by me for a considerable amount of time while I further my journey as a Wiccan. I honestly do not care if you have issues with this. If you need to contact me, there are such things as e-mail and phone calls. See you Sunday.


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