First Feedback

     You’re probably wondering “why on earth is she posting twice in one day? I thought she only did that when she first started this blog!” A month and some days ago I sent the first five chapters of my first novel to a gentleman that runs teen writing camps so that I could get some advice. Today, he replied and it was positive. I need to work a bit on my battle scenes because they seem rushed and a couple of other things but for the most part, it’s great. Glad to know someone else enjoyed it! Some other advice that I received was to branch out in reading and read a LOT. That I already do. Plus, I should continue writing nonstop for another four years and take a creative writing class in college to find my own unique writing style. He said that I have a lot of influence from other writers and that it’s familiar so publishers might now appreciate it. It’s all given me more to think about and I’m really excited! XD

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