Progressively Worse

     My mom and I have discussed this since the year before last in August(2010). As soon as I turn eighteen, I am cutting all ties to my paternal family, especially to my father, and my mom said whatever. She wants me to have a relationship with him and thinks he really has changed and blah blah blah. So, she was straddling the fence. Well, today she jumped all the way to his side and apparently I have to be my paternal family’s perfect little princess until I’m twenty-one. My mom and I usually have a couple of spats here and there but since we’ve moved, it’s been fine. I’ve also never purposely disobeyed her but I’m pretty sure that is going to change at this point. I understand the whole money thing but I am determined to get two jobs, both full-time if I have to, so she’ll stop talking about money. Child support is $75 a week and alimony $200 a week. Since he’ll stop paying child support if I piss him off (yes, he can do that), I’ll need to come up with the $75 a week. No big deal. Since my mom wants to start putting away the $200 alimony, I’ll need to make at least $275 a week. This isn’t including taxes and all that other bullshit. Basically, I’d like to start making $350-400 a week. There’s one job I’m going to apply to as soon as possible but I still haven’t found any others that pay well. Still figuring things out but I’m determined to tell my father to “drop dead” the day after I turn eighteen. I told him this day was coming. He just doesn’t believe me. But he will.

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