Weird Week

     Well, I definitely had a weird week. My dog went from being sick to being perfectly fine, I decided to have a second birthday party but on a MMORPG(which I never considered doing before), I edited a chapter this morning(which is odd because it’s still the AM and I write then), and my father hasn’t texted me for ten days(extremely odd since he bothers me every other day at least). So far I seem to be doing pretty good. Now, this week isn’t completely over until it’s Monday so any weird event could occur between now and then. Hopefully nothing negative because so far it’s been nothing but positive(other than my dog being sick). I seriously need to work on Book Two now instead of fraternizing with editing Book One. I feel like going to the park today but I think I’ll hold it off until at least tomorrow morning while everyone’s at church. ;p I hope everyone has a good weekend and happy writing!

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