Twenty-Nine More Days

     Well, there’s one month left before I turn eighteen. This will be extremely interesting since I used to be excited about it and now I’m sort of blah about it. I’ve been counting down since 520 days until my eighteenth birthday, lol. It’s odd to not care about it now. I guess my expectations are much lower for this year now than they were towards the end of last year. Ah well. I’m having a “party” on Runescape and am still unsure of whether I’m going to have a real-life one or not. I don’t have that many friends that live in the area so I’ll probably hang out with my Wiccan friend, his wife, and my mom only. I have a blast with them every time anyway and since I’m not a very flashy person, it’ll be a nice little get-together. So, this is it. Twenty-nine more days.


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