Muck Monster

     Was at the park for a few hours today with the twins and Michael. It made my day, literally. They’re hilarious. Took Michael to see the emerald pond for the first time where chaos struck. I wanted a jar of water so he attempts to get it, right? First, he tries to walk to the edge but he literally sinks into the mud. Then he attempts to walk along a fallen tree that fell into the water a while back. He manages to crouch down and get the water before noticing a spider. Michael then slowly stands up and comes back to land before asking if there are any alligators in the pond, lmao! The whole time the twins and I were watching him worriedly but he survived. Then we started talking about piranhas and pond sharks, lol. All in all, today was completely awesome and I’m still grinning just replaying the events in my head. It even made this coming week bearable by having to see my father. Thanks for making life interesting, you guys. ;p

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