The Extra Day

     Today is always a very special day to me because every four years, I’m given an extra day to do something. Often times it is something new, like trying out a new hobby. Other times, it’s spent on solely writing. This time I’m being tested on my tolerance for things I dislike, as I am going to a movie with my father. Things have definitely been interesting in the last several months and I’m determined to not allow him to ruin this rare day. If he does, well, I have another four years to get over it and will definitely not allow him to ruin another. As to what else has been going on, yesterday I colored my hair jet-black from my natural blonde. It’s a huge change but I absolutely love it. I’ve always wanted dark hair and voila, now I have it included with blue highlights. I have a feeling that things are going to be very different soon and it’s not just because of the day or my hair. Those are insignificant compared to the bigger picture but the problem is, there are still major puzzle pieces missing from that bigger picture. I’m not entirely sure how long it will take to piece the entire thing together but I honestly hope that moment never comes. I prefer the mystery of it all. So, Happy Extra Day, as I call it. Spend every moment of it wisely.


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