Don’t Like It, Don’t Read It

     This blog is far from a professional blog. One reason for that is my life is far from professional and as this blog is about me, it’s going to offend, anger, and belittle some people. If you can’t deal with that, don’t read it and don’t leave a rude comment. There have been only a few things (out of the million or so that I’ve read) that I have disliked so greatly that I put down. It’s always good to branch out and see what the people you dislike are doing. Maybe there’s something you can connect with so that the people you dislike and you actually get along for once. Then again(sarcasm), the best thing to do is just to hate everyone and treat them horribly instead of looking around and actually thinking. That’s the world’s problem. Most of the people in the world don’t think. They act and then say “whoops. My bad” before continuing on and doing it yet again! I’m not here to change the world. I don’t have the temperament to even begin to attempt that. No, I’m here because I have things to say and I eventually will be heard by someone.

Happy February

     Voila, it’s already February 2012. Time sure flies. So far, I’ve written two more chapters of Book Two so I’m off to a pretty good start for this month already. As for what else is going on…My paternal grandmother called yesterday to ask if I wanted to take a course to be a pharmacy technician. She’d pay for the whole thing for my mom and I. Well, that’s pretty suspicious seeing as she hasn’t talked to me since April of last year. So, I thought I’d give it a shot. Free education, right? I’m unsure if I’ll actually go through with it though because of how suspicious my paternal family is acting as of this moment. I think they’re planning something but I can’t be too sure. After all, all of them are control-freaks. If I can get the job at the factory like I’m hoping for my first job, the pay will be better than being a pharmacy technician, plus I’d get my full-benefits much faster. I can work there while taking the online course so I have some money in my pocket by the time I get my certification. By that time I’ll see if I actually like being a pharmacy technician, the benefits of it, and then I’ll see whose hiring. If no one really is and I’m still happy working at the factory, I’ll simply stay at the factory and can use the pharmacy technician certification as a back up plan should anything go wrong. It sounds almost as if I have everything already planned out, right? Wrong. I seriously doubt anything will go as planned, because it usually never does around here, but here goes nothing.