Ack! Sorry!

     I’ve been incredibly busy this weekend that I didn’t even have a chance to blog until now. My bad! However, I do have some stories to tell. On Saturday, I took the twins downtown with me to Om Gaia. It was their first time to the shop but they absolutely loved it, as I was hoping. We actually stayed there for quite a while, lol. Then we stopped by Subway to grab a late lunch and went back to my place. After watching Serenity we chatted for a while before they left. Today I hung out at the park with Michael(no muck monster this time, lol) before getting ready for a dinner with Wolf and Deb. We then ended up stopping at Petland and admired all of the pets before going to the healthy yogurt place next door(can’t remember the name!) but it was excellent! So, be mad at me all that you want but I’ve been having an awesome time. Now I’d be much happier if I were writing ten-thousand words a week… ;p I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The pollen count is horrendous right now and my allergies have been slowly dragging me under. At the moment I’m surrendering and am gifted even less sleep thanks to it. Everything else is good, lol. Oh yeah, almost forgot. I’ve been blogging for two years now. Hard to believe but that just proves how fast time flies…


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