Happy St. Patrick’s Day

     Well well. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. It’s that day already. See how fast this year is slipping away already? Just yesterday it was the first day of 2012. A brand new start. Yet here we find ourselves stuck in the same old rut doing the same old things and letting precious time flash by. Why this negative post on such a day that is deemed to be so wonderful? Well, you may recall that I mentioned something about having an early birthday party on Runescape and that I had planned it since February 10th. Well, you may also recall that that party was today from 3-8pm. Needless to say, no one showed up. I wasted ninety minutes waiting for someone to show up and no one did so yes, I am cleaning out my friend’s list again within the next couple of days. If you cannot be punctual, you should not accept an invite to an important event. It may not seem like a big deal to you but as I will be turning eighteen in less than four days, it is important to me and that should matter to the ones who agreed to attend. Now, you can make excuses, that’s fine. But you’ll keep making excuses for the rest of your life and I don’t have time for that nonsense. So, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you.


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