Having A Blog

     The whole point of having a blog is to vent your thoughts and have some random person come along to comment their own thoughts on the whole mess. That doesn’t happen on this blog and probably for the fact that they all think I’m a psychopath. They aren’t far off the mark. ;p Being a teenager sucks. It truly does. Sure, you get to start driving, get a job, have more responsibility and such. Despite the fact that you also drift apart from all of your friends, it doesn’t seem so bad. The drama is the worst part. Every little thing is so dramatic that it’s ridiculous. Then you have Prom and then graduation so even more drama. Then you have the drama of finding a college to attend, you start college, and then there’s more drama. Life is all about drama and I have a great dislike for drama yet as you scroll through this blog, you’ll find nothing but drama. Go figure. If I could live on my own little planet, I do believe that things would be much simpler. As it is, I need to get ready for the real-life birthday party I’m having. I wonder who will actually show up to this one…


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