Last Day as a Minor

     Today is the last day that I’m a minor. Hard to believe, for me at least. Some people still can’t believe that I’ve done so much at a young age from running fantastic groups on Facebook to blogging like crazy to writing like my life depends on it. Tomorrow marks the passing of eighteen years. The next mark after tomorrow is age twenty and then it’s every ten years. It doesn’t seem that far away at the moment but I’m usually the one to reminisce about these kind of things while my friends go out and get themselves arrested. I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll being today other than going to dinner with my father but I’m going to find something to make this day count as much as the others in my life should have. It’s obvious I aim to be a writer but the full-time job searching officially begins today. I haven’t got that much more to say but I do believe that “wow” just about covers it all. ;p

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