Past the Writer’s Block Again

     I’m happy to announce that I’m past my writer’s block again lol. I was having some trouble with Chapter Five of Book Two of my trilogy but I finally managed to get past that dang chapter. I’ve already set up the general idea of what I want to happen in Chapter Six but it’s going to take a while to sort out all of the details. For the moment, I’m just writing what comes to mind for it. I haven’t written very much of it since two of my friends came over for the whole afternoon/evening so I was distracted. I seriously doubt that I’ll finish Chapter Six tomorrow, because it looks like it’s going to be a long and complicated one, but maybe by Sunday I can finish it. Nothing set in stone though. I’ve gone back to writing whenever I feel like it and about whatever I feel like since that has always kept me writing prolifically in the past. That’s how I’ve ended up with so many ideas for stories. So, I don’t really know what’s planned for me this week but I’ll take it as it comes. Apparently I’m supposed to hang out with my father sometime this week(which I’m dreading) but I might have to cancel it(yay) because I might get a call back for a job interview. I’m hoping to either be able to work at the Sheriff’s Office, Sun Hydraulics, or a very nice grooming business nearby for a start. It’ll be a while before I hear back about the Sheriff’s Office so I’ll at least be making a little money somewhere. Well, I’m over and out for now! ;p

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