R.I.P. Sassy

     Late last night, my dog became much worse. She already hadn’t been eating for several days but we’d been taking care of her every second and trying to make her comfortable. Well, she was trying to get away last night so we knew it was time. We called the vet who told us where to take her and without further ado, we jumped in the car and went. Sassy was actually pretty calm the entire time and that made my mom and I realize that is really was time. The people there were extremely kind and comforting. By the time Sassy died, it was past midnight so today will be the day for future anniversaries of her death. She would have turned twelve May 9th and I’m still going to celebrate it. This is the hardest time of my life right now but I’m going to make it through this. I’ll never forget the dog I grew up with and who I loved like a sister. Love. She’s still here with us. :’)

One thought on “R.I.P. Sassy

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your loss – she was obviously a very loved and lovely member of your family – my sympathies and love to you at this sad time xxxx Laura xxxx

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