Second Day of April

     Usually I blog at the beginning of every month so this post should have been yesterday and been titled “Happy April” but this month started out having to deal with the emotional toll of losing my beautiful dog. I had her for 2/3rds of my life and that’s just not something you can get over. I wish they lived as long as us because it’s not fair that we have to continue on without them after 10-15 years of being with them. So, I’m trying to get a stay-at-home job revolving around writing. I’m searching for a freelance writing job but so far, I haven’t found anything because I have to have college experience. I’m not going to pay a lot of money just to get the degree because I already know the course material. Looks like it’s back to the grooming business, if possible. It feels like five years have passed in the last two days…

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