The New Additions

     The end of this month will be the fifth month since we lost our beloved Sassy. We planned on getting another dog but since it was too traumatic when we were actually going to go through with adopting a dog, we settled on an alternative. Two cats; one each. They both chose us when we went so voila. So far they are both settling in nicely and I’ll post pictures of the two of them eventually once they sit still long enough so they aren’t just a streak, lol. Other than that, I haven’t been writing very much or keeping tabs much with anyone. I am in a relationship with the most amazing guy and in the midst of all the stress from work/family, he’s as understanding as ever. I don’t know the entire situation about my book still. It’s highly unlikely that it’s going to come out this year at this point though so I don’t want to keep everyone’s hopes up. I do want to finish the trilogy before I publish the first one as such though, just to ensure that it truly is because sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. Just taking things kind of easy right now.


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