Casualties of War by Chantal Boudreau

     Ingenious, exciting, and refreshing. The first three words that come to mind as I read Casualties of War by Chantal Boudreau. As with Magic University, Chantal has continued the journey of her characters with as much enthusiasm and exceptional talent as before. I could not put this book down as I followed every twist and turn of these characters and cannot wait for the next installment of the Masters & Renegades series! A must-read for everyone because Chantal’s works are truly gems in the reading world!

Here is her site to keep up with Chantal. There are links on her site where you can purchase the books and series mentioned:
 Also, here is the review on my blog that I did for her book Magic University:
Here is the review for Elevation, the sequel to Fervor:

The Hazards of the Old Ones by Ren Garcia

Going through my blog, I just realized that I hadn’t given a proper review on this blog for my friend’s book and am here to do so now.

The Hazards of the Old Ones by Ren Garcia is undoubtably incredible, original, and will not allow you to set it down without the urge to devour the words on its pages again. The sequel of Sygillis of Metatron, The Hazards of the Old Ones is as fast-paced and adventurous as the following books in the League of Elder series. Readers, you are missing a great deal if you have not already read this series and don’t know the publishing dates for the ones to follow. It would be a crime to continue to not affiliate yourself with these amazing books by Ren Garcia.

Here is the review on my blog of Sygillis of Metatron:

Happy September

     It’s already September of 2012. Holy crap! The year is practically almost over! I don’t know about all of you but I know that I’m now feeling rushed to finish all of my writing goals for this year. Between real life and the fiction world, it’s been intense keeping both on a straight track but it’s fun. It’s the “stupid” little things that give me ideas for the stories and my refound obsession with ships and the ocean has returned, ha ha. That’s also taking up quite a bit of my time but it’s most certainly worth it. I hope that everyone has an excellent month and remember to keep your head up if last month wasn’t so great for you. It’s a new month full of new things, just the same old bill and expenses though. Wish those would go away. ;p Have a good three-day weekend!