It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve blogged on the original Into the Mind of the Writer blog and that’s because I still haven’t found a fellow blogger who is interested in helping me make it a reference for writers. I’m not looking for someone to take over the entire blog but I want to add a fresh view to things. My style of writing is only one way and having a second writer on the blog will broaden the scope. If more than one person is interested in trying this out, I’ll be more than happy to have more than one person. Each post needs to be at least a paragraph long whether it’s about how-tos, your own projects, something interesting you read that involves writing, etc. You don’t need to be published or write novels. You can be a poet, musician, journalist, etc. The point of this is to expand the blog with more knowledge. Just keep in mind that the blog isn’t for advertising. It’s to be used as an inspiring reference for writers whether they’re just starting out or are experienced. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find someone who isn’t too busy to do this or doesn’t already have their own set of blogs. If you’re interested, please comment below. Here’s the link to the blog:

About the Book Reviews

     I’m sure you’ve noticed the book review section on my blog. Right now there are only six and that seems way to few for someone who claims to read so much. Here’s the explanation. I have a job, am going to college, and have family obligations so those take up a lot of my time. I have a list of book reviews that I need to post but I have to read the books first. The reason it takes me so long to read a book on that list is because I am reading up to twenty of those books at once when I have spare time. That’s so I can at least send the author little notes about their books here and there instead of saying that there’s a two-month waiting list. Don’t get me wrong, I can read at a decent speed and even with all of the things I’m doing I still manage to read anywhere from 500-800 pages a day. I’m asking for your patience since I am doing these reviews for free.

Started College!!!!

    Change of plans! I started college today and it’s for writing! I’m taking five classes that will help me better some writing skills such as editing and descriptive settings(because I seem to forget the seasons in my books) as well as the publishing processes. I already turned in my first assignment today and everyone has loved it so far but omgosh! I’m still overcome with joy, lol! Maybe sounds crazy but I accomplished another of my goals! Next is to get the editing and illustrations for Book One finished. Then to have it published! Holding my own published book in my hands is my ultimate dream so when that comes true, first I’ll probably cry while I’m jumping up and down screaming. Then I’ll have to make another huge writing goal. 😀 Looking forward to all of that!

Brave, the Movie

I watched Brave last night and it was adorable! Absolutely loved their accents and the bright colors. The storyline takes a turn which you don’t expect right away but as events play out, it keeps you intrigued even for a kid movie! It’s not entirely about her fighting her royal responsibilities and has a LOT of funny scenes. The moral of the story is very strong and overall, this movie is one of my favorites now. I definitely recommend that everyone watch this spicy little red-headed princess followed by an awesome cast. It’s definitely worth the time. 😀

Started Book Three

So far I’ve scene-by-scene planned seven chapters of Book Three already so I officially have eighteen chapters to write to catch up, lol. I have no idea where all of this inspiration came from to drive me to do this but it’s about time. Considering these books just sat there waiting to have something done to them for a few months, this is a drastic change. I’ll feel really accomplished when I actually figure out the ending of Book Three. It’s a bit too complicated right now so I’m definitely eliminating some things but I have to decide what. I have enough to fill a fourth book but I’m determined that this is going to be a trilogy. Afterall, I don’t want the books to be drawn out. But even since I finished Book One, I’ll admit I’ve been looking forward to writing an after-series. It’s just a passing thought and might not happen but it’s an open possibility. Just concentrating on finishing this trilogy first. 😀

The Latest on Book Two

     Since I haven’t written anything in such a long time, I took it upon myself today to sit down and look over what was taking so long to write Book Two. The first book took a little over two years to complete while this one at the point it is now has taken about a year. Since I’m about to become a little more overwhelmed with things I have to complete and/or start doing, I decided that today was a good a day as any to work on the trilogy. So I sat down and finished planning out the entire book scene-by-scene which showed me that I have eleven chapters left to write for the book. That’s still half of the book though because my chapters aren’t usually under two thousand words each and there are only twenty-five chapters in this one. Still, I’ve got my blueprint waiting for me instead of having to continue fighting with my characters about what happens to them next. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but I’m going to start doing the same for Book Three tonight just to make sure I’ve got every aspect covered. I’m hoping to have the first draft of Book Two finished by at least June 2013.

Game Time

     Today I ended up going to the mall with a couple of friends and it was awesome! We started off by walking around and just talking before running into the game zone. We played air hockey and a couple other games for a while before behold, there was laser tag. The best game in the universe and I haven’t played it in years. In we go and this one was very space-like. Ten minutes of hunting each other down and it was epic. When we finished, we checked out our scores. Scarily, mine at 1,980 points doubled theirs, lol. I got hit six times versus the thirty-one I shot. Apparently a high score for the game too and I got called “Raptor.” Then it was back to some more air hockey before we went ahead to Books-A-Million where we got coffee and discovered that there were books not only 20% off but used and in very good condition for only $2-6 each. Needless to say, I was in heaven and managed to finish collecting two series. All in all, a good Saturday. Now back to my reviewing need-to-read list. ;D

Happy November

     Happy November! Time for cooler weather, thank god, lol. Don’t get me wrong, summer is awesome but I loooove fall and winter. So! I’ve been extremely busy lately. It turns out that I will finally be starting college in late January so I’m really excited. It won’t  be for writing though and I’ve been told I’m crazy but it’s for a fifteen-month auto body course. I’ll have even less time to do anything during that time but it’ll be awesome regardless.