The Latest on Book Two

     Since I haven’t written anything in such a long time, I took it upon myself today to sit down and look over what was taking so long to write Book Two. The first book took a little over two years to complete while this one at the point it is now has taken about a year. Since I’m about to become a little more overwhelmed with things I have to complete and/or start doing, I decided that today was a good a day as any to work on the trilogy. So I sat down and finished planning out the entire book scene-by-scene which showed me that I have eleven chapters left to write for the book. That’s still half of the book though because my chapters aren’t usually under two thousand words each and there are only twenty-five chapters in this one. Still, I’ve got my blueprint waiting for me instead of having to continue fighting with my characters about what happens to them next. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but I’m going to start doing the same for Book Three tonight just to make sure I’ve got every aspect covered. I’m hoping to have the first draft of Book Two finished by at least June 2013.


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