Started Book Three

So far I’ve scene-by-scene planned seven chapters of Book Three already so I officially have eighteen chapters to write to catch up, lol. I have no idea where all of this inspiration came from to drive me to do this but it’s about time. Considering these books just sat there waiting to have something done to them for a few months, this is a drastic change. I’ll feel really accomplished when I actually figure out the ending of Book Three. It’s a bit too complicated right now so I’m definitely eliminating some things but I have to decide what. I have enough to fill a fourth book but I’m determined that this is going to be a trilogy. Afterall, I don’t want the books to be drawn out. But even since I finished Book One, I’ll admit I’ve been looking forward to writing an after-series. It’s just a passing thought and might not happen but it’s an open possibility. Just concentrating on finishing this trilogy first. 😀

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