About the Book Reviews

     I’m sure you’ve noticed the book review section on my blog. Right now there are only six and that seems way to few for someone who claims to read so much. Here’s the explanation. I have a job, am going to college, and have family obligations so those take up a lot of my time. I have a list of book reviews that I need to post but I have to read the books first. The reason it takes me so long to read a book on that list is because I am reading up to twenty of those books at once when I have spare time. That’s so I can at least send the author little notes about their books here and there instead of saying that there’s a two-month waiting list. Don’t get me wrong, I can read at a decent speed and even with all of the things I’m doing I still manage to read anywhere from 500-800 pages a day. I’m asking for your patience since I am doing these reviews for free.

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