Happy December

It’s December already! Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas, Kwanzaa, all the good stuff is this month. But don’t forget that the rumor going around is that the world will end on Friday the 21st of this month, lol. At least some people think that since the Mayans ran out of room on their stone calendar. There’s a bit of a debate going around that it will end similar to the movie The Day After Tomorrow while others think it’ll be more like a combination of Revolution and Walking Dead. I honestly seriously doubt that anything different will happen other than crazy people going on killing sprees before killing themselves and the usual illegal things but just in case it does, I’ve got my money on The Day After Tomorrow, lol! I’m just kidding. That movie was awesome though! So I hope everyone has an awesome December and for those who don’t live in Florida, stay warm!


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