Betrayed By Desire by E.S. Tilton

_____Betrayed by Desire by E.S. Tilton introduces a strange and intriguing world filled with new species and challenges at every turn. When I started reading this book, I noticed that there were five prologues at the beginning. It sounds a little weird but it fits perfectly in this book because you aren’t just tossed into this new world without an extra dose of understanding. This book is sexy, suspenseful, intriguing, and so much more and it will leave you craving for more. I definitely recommend this book to all 18+ readers out there.

I also have some inside information. The title of the book is going to be changed to Tilton’s original name for it “Betrayal.” At the end of this post you will see the original cover design currently still on the e-books and also the new cover design. There is also a lovely picture included of the talented author behind these books. There will also be a free giveaway for this e-book on February 2nd at 3am EST until Feb 3rd at 3am, so snap yourself up a copy! Nothing better than a free new book right? Many thanks to the author for providing this information and these pictures!

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The Dead Held Hands by Ren Garcia

_____The Dead Held Hands is another incredible adventure written by Ren Garcia about the most amazing cast of characters in an original sci-fi world. Ren keeps some of the main characters from his previous two books while introducing a new group that are just as addicting to read about. From their quirks and sarcasm to their worries and faults, these well-rounded characters are tested to their limits throughout the book. This book gives a wonderful example of where true love and courage can get you. Of all the characters, I would have to choose two as my favorites. That would be the now-infamous Lady Sammidoran of Monama and Sarah Ruthven. Ever since I saw Ren’s creation of Sam even before I read this book, I had assumed that she would be one of my favorites and indeed she didn’t disappoint. As for Sarah, in some parts of the book her personality begins to annoy me but there is still something about her that makes me laugh and has also made her one of my favorites. Honestly, you must read these books. They are full of adventures, wonderful characters, and inspiring new places. Definitely among the favorites in my personal library.

You will find the link to Ren Garcia’s official website under the first link.
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The 2013 New Year

_____Happy New Year, everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Finally just got over the flu that’s been going around. It royally sucked but still not as bad as the H1N1. So let’s see, I don’t really have any New Years’ resolutions other than to write more but I think I did pretty well last year seeing as I completed my half-way mark for Book Two and came up with thirty-seven new short story/novel ideas. So definitely to read and write more as well as travel and be outside more. Other than that, not much else has changed. I’ll be starting two college classes on the 16th since I finished my first one Dec 21st. I figure two at once will be a bit more challenging. I’ve been working at the auto body shop for a little over six months now. Time flies. Hell, it’s already twelve days into the new year. So whether you’re still sticking with your resolutions or not, Happy New Year and here’s to the promise of another great year.