The 2013 New Year

_____Happy New Year, everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Finally just got over the flu that’s been going around. It royally sucked but still not as bad as the H1N1. So let’s see, I don’t really have any New Years’ resolutions other than to write more but I think I did pretty well last year seeing as I completed my half-way mark for Book Two and came up with thirty-seven new short story/novel ideas. So definitely to read and write more as well as travel and be outside more. Other than that, not much else has changed. I’ll be starting two college classes on the 16th since I finished my first one Dec 21st. I figure two at once will be a bit more challenging. I’ve been working at the auto body shop for a little over six months now. Time flies. Hell, it’s already twelve days into the new year. So whether you’re still sticking with your resolutions or not, Happy New Year and here’s to the promise of another great year.

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