New Venture

I managed to meet the first deadline for Book Two yesterday by completing up to Chapter 18. It’s coming together very nicely but it looks like it’ll be much shorter than the first book. I’ll go back and add more meat to it once I finish the first draft though. I’ve also been working on a short story that’ll be under 20,000 words. For the first time, it’s a story of mine without magic of some sort. It’s proving interesting to write but it’s coming as easy as the rest of the stories so far. I’m also more attuned to all of the details that are needed, such as describing a little history about each city/place, occasionally mentioning horrible bouts of weather, gestures the characters make instead of simply stating something. It’s all coming together very nicely. No idea when I’ll actually finish it though since I’m focusing more on the deadlines for Book Two. It still feels good to have more than one project going on, as always.

Summer of 2013

So I haven’t blogged very well in the past few months. Summer has been here and it seems like there isn’t much time for anything other than being outside soaking up the sun and then hanging out with friends at night. Not that any of that is bad, just leaves little time to sit down and think about things on a regular basis. So on the few days/nights when there’s absolutely nothing to do, that’s when all those thoughts randomly collide and give me a headache. More things have happened that are life-changing that I haven’t felt like announcing to just anyone but it’s still going ok. I’m keeping afloat for now anyways.

One thing I don’t understand is why people have to copy my actions. It is NOT the sincerest form of flattery and it gets to be very annoying. I’m a writer (as you know) and I’ve known what I am my entire life. When I talk to a friend about writing(a friend that has never had any intention of writing at all), all of a sudden they’re starting to write a novel and they’re planning to have it published. I want to be fully supportive about it because I’m their friend, but I can’t be. Maybe it’s just because they haven’t found their own place in the world and I’ve always known I had the writing gig. Whatever the case, it makes me have mixed emotions because getting published is something that I’ve been working for since forever and I’ve just got some friends that can go out and do it in a week while not really caring about any of it. Guess it’s just another challenge in life or whatever. Tolerance and patience.