Writing and Music Endeavors

That short story I talked about in August actually ended up being a novelette at 9,957 words named Virthralas and was completed September 19th. I’m looking into having it published sometime this next year and I’ve, of course, started even more writing projects on top of what I already have. Book Two is not going to be finished by the end of this month as I had hoped but it will definitely be completed after we get situated in the new apartment. We’re moving mid-December so things will be hectic in between all the holidays. I received a violin as an early present and LOVE IT!! I’ve been learning to play songs by ear and have a long way to go to master the technique of the bow but it’s a lot of fun. I’m also strengthening my guitar and piano playing but think I will hold back on the songwriting again. At least for a while. Of Monsters and Men is currently my favorite band because I can listen to all their songs on repeat for hours while getting inspiration from them to write. So things have been really good lately. I hope everyone is doing well in their own life endeavors.

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