Walking Dead – The Grove Episode


Carol and her group finally find a house and it’s really the perfect place for them to stay at. But Lizzie has to go and screw it all up. Who else was really pissed off about that? Yes, Lizzie is just a kid and all but she should be locked up in an insane asylum. Considering that that isn’t possible, she’s a liability. Everyone had to come to terms with that the hard way when Lizzie kills Mika. Tyreese and Carol realize that they can’t trust Lizzie with the baby and they can’t exactly leave the girl out in the woods. So using the calming phrase that works on Lizzie, Carol takes her out into the grove and tells her to “look at the flowers, Lizzie” before shooting her. If this had been done a long time before, Mika would be alive and their new camp wouldn’t have been compromised. Instead, now Tyreese, Carol, and the baby have to move on and decide to go to Terminus. Gradually all of the characters will come together again in Terminus but if the guy running it is worse than the governor, personally I’d take my chances out in the wilderness. But that doesn’t make much of an interesting story to keep an audience on the edge of their seats.


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