I read somewhere that you’re supposed to blog once a week at the very least. But that’s some outsider assuming that you have something to say that’s enough to fill up a blog post every week. Not everyone has that ability since most artists are introverts. The argument continues with the fact that online socializing is ideal for people who would rather sit in the comfort of their home rather than meet someone face-to-face. But that still doesn’t give very much material to blog about week after week unless something incredibly unique happens or the introvert leaves their home and goes on a trip. Don’t think I’m making up excuses for anyone; this is merely an observation. I have also read somewhere that blogging about boring personal things, such as family or work, is also not a good thing. I disagree completely there because your audience gets to see a little piece of what is actually going on in your life instead of just upcoming books and writing. There are more things to an author than just writing but a lot of people seem to forget that. Take one of your favorite authors for example. Do you know what their favorite food is or their favorite song? A single piece of information that has nothing to do with their writing life? It’s just something to think about over the long weekend.


2 thoughts on “Personality

  1. That’s the reason I love to break all rules! Who is who to tell others what to do? For the sake of money? Fashion, or their own agenda?
    If we look at the reasons behind those rules we can see that they are not coming from a place of authenticity…

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