Published “Virthrandel”

I published a short story a few days ago named “Virthrandel” focused around a red-haired blue-eyed female vampire named Cassandra Avocet. I originally planned on having it as a medieval sci-fi fantasy short story series but for now, it’s a stand-alone. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this ten thousand word piece. You can purchase it for $0.99 at the link below.


Hearts On Fire Editing

The editor that I used is Bree Vanderland and let me tell you just how glad I am that I happened to meet her on Facebook. Everywhere that I looked for editing services, they were priced ridiculously and ranging from $800-1,500 at the least! Hearts on Fire is the only place I have found that is realistically priced! Working with Bree is a real pleasure and I don’t plan on going to any other editor. She’s constantly updating you, checking on things, dropping tips here and there of writing faults that you constantly make, and all the while she’s working diligently on editing and formatting your book. An absolutely amazing service that I recommend to every amateur and experienced writer!
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