Writing Update

With the holidays nearing, instead of going on a small shopping spree for myself, I went ahead and bought the cover for the third book of The Arbedenion Trilogy. I had been eyeing one since I bought the second book cover and decided I had better snap it up before anyone else could. Then I tinkered with all three covers to make a beautiful banner on a site called FotoFlexer and saved it to be showcased when the remaining book covers are revealed. It’s a long way off because the second book remains barely unfinished and the third book has barely a beginning written but the point is that it’ll be coming.
The second book, Shadow Blossom, is having a cover reveal on all of my websites on February 9th. I may even throw in a giveaway of the first book too to some lucky fan. The exact release date is unknown still but as soon as the book is finished, it’ll be off to the editor and as soon as I get it back, I’ll set up an official release date. It should be either late February or early March so there’ll be plenty of time to get everyone on board with it.
As for the third book, that depends on when I finish writing it. I’m hoping for a year from now but if I can’t force it out by then, I’m not going to stress about when it will be available. There will be other short stories and novels published in between to keep the fans going with something fresh to read. I’m hoping to publish at least five pieces in 2015.
Well that’s the end of today’s update. I hope everyone has wonderful plans for the holidays and still has plenty of time to get all of their own reading and writing done. Happy Holidays! 🙂

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