I Accept

I was talking to a dear author friend of mine about websites and marketing when she mentioned that one way to maintain a solid audience is to blog three times a week for three years straight. That number looks intimidating (470 blog posts total). But over the course of three years, that’s an excellent number to drum up. The problem is having enough material for 470 interesting posts but that’s where my other hobbies will come into play. Looking back almost five years ago, I wrote a post about one of my all-time favorite interests. It was about the infamous Bermuda Triangle. (I have provided a link below to that blog post.) I have been following all of the research and studying all of its history for twelve years now. That’s a considerable amount of time for one thing! I have other hobbies that have been around for most of my life too. Reading and writing are obvious ones, weaving/knitting, video/pc gaming, movie critic, hiking, gem mining, frisbee, drawing, and so much more. I’ll finally be able to put all of my weird hobbies to good use. So, I will accept this challenge even though I am in the middle of book publishing deadlines! I can do this!


4 thoughts on “I Accept

      1. Good for you, I wish I had started sooner. My blog is about a year old but I took several months off because of personal issues. I’m trying to keep my goal of posting something almost every day for the entire year of 2015. We shall see…

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