Archaeology Burials

Archaeology is a very intriguing subject because of all of the insight into the past. However, isn’t it inhumane to dig up the bones of humans and their animals to then show them off in museums? I think digging them up and studying them is all fine and dandy but after the research is done, I feel that they need to be put back where they were found and buried. Putting them on display in museums is the same as digging up your great-great grandmother’s bones and putting her on display. It doesn’t seem right. The people back in the day took the time to have the same traditions of burying as we do today, so why are we being disrespectful of that? Leave the dead alone after the research, rebury them, and move along. I understand that this is not how it will ever go and that most people oppose this idea. It is just an opinion that I have always had because in 1,000 years, I certainly don’t want my family or myself dug up and then put in a museum. Who knows, it could happen. Just something to think about on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Archaeology Burials

  1. moosha23

    Yes, so true! It is sort of unethical to dig up the remains of people from ages ago…and that’s such a good solution. Shouldn’t go about disturbing the dead after all. 🙂 But seriously I wouldn’t like my remains dug up either, but there’s always the notion that I won’t be there to feel it happening, right?

    1. You may not feel it, but after all of the “we have to be humane” to so many things in the world, why do most people think that digging up the dead is humane? We still bury our own dead. Maybe they aren’t thinking about the future and are too focused on studying the past.

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