Tiny Book Review: The Dragonscale by JE Feldman

Thank you so much to Jasmine for such a fantastically detailed book review of “The Dragonscale.” I sincerely appreciate it!!

Subterraneal Jasiland


Quick Summary:

The loosely intertwined stories of Rothgar, the general who is the keeper of the magical amulet known as the Dragonscale, and Aristaria, an orphaned elf from the city of Revelnortk, are at the center of JE Feldman’s The Dragonscale novel. War is breaking out in the world called Arbedenion as the Vampires, led by their evil queen, Gicessa and her diabolical daughter, Valacotayda, join forces with the army of the Black Dragons to take control of the empire. After a ruthless victory that destroys Revelnortk, the vampires seem to have the upper hand, but Rothgar is determined to stop them with the aid of the dragons that he calls forth from the amulet and his plan to rally the races of Arbedenion to form a united front against the dark armies. Aristaria enters the war with the help of an old friend, the warlock Grevinmor, and manages to gather…

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