Three Authors That Inspire Me

We all have someone that inspires us to improve ourselves and set goals to accomplish. I read extensively so to pick only three authors that inspire me is really difficult but let’s get started.

R.A. Salvatore – I am obsessed with his books. The characters are amazingly developed, the settings are perfectly vivid, and the plots keep you glued to the book until its finished then scrambling for the next one. I hope that I can write even half as well as he can in my writing future.

Mercedes Lackey teamed up with James Mallory – I have read books by only Mercedes Lackey and by only James Mallory and found I really like them. But when these two authors team up to write, I fall head over heels in love with their stories. Their Obsidian Trilogy is one of my favorite trilogies, right up there with even J.R.R. Tolkien. Something amazing happens when these two create worlds full of vibrant characters together that draws me in like a magnet and I hope to accomplish as much with my own readers.

Cornelia Funke – All of her stories are fresh and exciting. I love how her books draw in all ages of readers, albeit mostly being children books. There are always twists and turns that you never see coming in any of her books, no matter how many you’ve read, and you’re always left wanting more. I hope to bring equally refreshing new stories to the world as she does with her own.


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