My Five Biggest Distractions from Writing

Everyone has major distractions from writing and you may end up seeing most or all of them in my own list.

1. Facebook – This is definitely my worst distraction from writing because in my mind, I justify roaming the online site to chat with my fellow authors, to check in on my writing groups, and to see what my fans are thinking about on the author page. Then I get distracted by the sunken ship article, a cat playing tag with a turtle, and a Husky puppy howling at a leaf. In the end, it’s a major distraction that I should, in my right mind, cut myself off from.

2. TV – The television is definitely another distraction. My family almost always has it on and even when I leave the room, I can still hear it and become distracted. It always draws my eye when I’m in the room and the two-seconds usually turns into two hours in a few blinks. By the time I get back to writing, I completely forgot about the plot and what I wanted to happen next.

3. Blogging – Worrying about blogging three times a week has been distracting from writing because I’m busy trying to come up with a topic for the blog that I neglect the story I’m currently working on. But have to keep up that networking!

4. Family – They are always there, always wanting something, and always interrupting. Those of you that have them will completely understand this. They always constantly wonder why the hell you chose writing as something to pursue and continuously try to convince you that it isn’t a real job.

5. Other Books – When I’m not writing, I’m reading. Sometimes I miss my writing deadlines because I’m trying really hard to finish reading a series of books in my spare time. My priorities around books will always be off-kilter.

One thought on “My Five Biggest Distractions from Writing

  1. Well, I don’t know how to do Facebook, and we don’t have TV, so that takes care of two of them. I blog every day, whether I’m engaged in writing a book or not, and I’ve been doing that long enough, it’s feel funny if I didn’t. And my wife and my cats do understand that sometimes you just have to leave the writer alone.

    My biggest distractions are 1) annoying, crazy neighbors (especially the kook who has to play his rotten lousy music as loud as he can, all day long) and 2) the grotesque news that keeps wafting in from the fallen world out there. I haven’t figured out what to do with either of these.

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